Friends of Doylestown Rugby NFL Survivor Pool Fundraiser 2017

2017 FODR NFL Survivor Pool

The Friends of Doylestown Rugby (FODR) is holding a NFL Survivor Pool Fundraiser that is fun and easy to play. All you have to do is pick a winning team each NFL week, if you win, you keep playing. If your pick loses, you are eliminated. Last player standing wins!

Cost is $20 per entry

Prize is $1,000 for the Winner* – $500 for 2nd Place.

How it works

Again this year we are using a web service to manage the pool.

  • Go to to access our pool.
  • Returning players can login with last year’s ID
  • New players need to register on the site then click “Join NFL Survivor Pool

Enter our pool name of: DTrugby

Cost is $20 per entry. Enter as many times as you like

Name & Player Team Name (i.e. handle name – optional)

Rules for 2017:

  1. Pick one team to win each week. You just have to win (no cover or spreads). If your team wins, you stay alive. If your team loses or ties, you lose. DOUBLE ELIMINATION this year so you have two chances before you’re eliminated.
  2. You can only use a team once. So, if you use the Patriots in Week 1, you can’t use them later.
  3. You must make a survivor pick each week. If you miss a week, the default will be highest rank favorite
  4. You can change your pick up until12 p.m.Eastern on Sunday unless you’ve picked a team that plays that prior Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
  5. Buy-back Option – If you lose early and want to keep playing you can buy back into the pool. The buy-back cost is $15 and available in the first 7 weeks, you can buy back in TWICE this year
  6. Last person standing WINS…. (and a nice prize for 2ndplace)
  7. Multiple players go out on the same week the pot will be split
  8. Payment must be made prior to Sept 10th

Thank You for Your Support of FODR

*if less than 150 players participate the winning prize will be half of the money pot of entry fees.

NFL Pool Website:

Pool Name: DTrugby

FODR NFL Survival Pool Entrance Fee


Buy Back:

Once again the Friends of Doylestown Rugby is running an NFL Survivor Pool. Our not for profit supports over 300 active members who are playing rugby from the greater Doylestown community and your support of amateur rugby is greatly appreciated. The 2017 Survivor pool in now open and we hope you can join us in some fun this year. Please pass to on to anyone that may be interested in playing and supporting our club


The Friends of Doylestown Rugby

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Pay Your Men’s Team Dues… ONLINE!

Fall 2017 Veteran Full Dues – $200.00

Fall 2016 Men's Veteran Full

Fall 2017 Rookie Full Dues – $150.00

Fall 2016 Men's Rookie Full

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It’s time for 7’s

7’s season is among us! Practice will be Wednesdays (starting 5/3/17) and begin at 6:30pm at the pitch. We are starting an extra 30 minutes early for those who can get over there to enjoy some extra bit of run in the light. If you can’t make it in time then, no worries, see you at 7. Come ready to work and have fun. As far as I am concerned all ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. This practice should be as much about social networking within the team and community building as much as it is about conditioning and fostering of skills.

Every Wednesday at 7pm we will have touch 7’s at Doylestown.

New players, current players, retired players, all are welcome to come and get a run in.

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Support the HS Boy on their journey to Kansas City!

The Boys High School Rugby National Championships will be held on May 18-20, 2017 in Kansas City, Mo. and will attract the top high school teams and clubs in the nation to the premier high school-aged tournament in America. Doylestown Rugby U19 Boys have been invited to defend their #5 ranking . PLEASE donate to help with flight and hotel accommodations for the U19 HS BOYS SQUAD for approximately 25 players . Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you in advance from the U19 HS BOYS SQUAD. To donate click the PayPal button below:


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Happy Birthday to Our Coach, Mike McCandless

Mike McCandless Bday Collage 2017Today, March 16th, holds a special meaning for one reason and one reason only. Today is the birthday of a great man. A family man, a teammate, a mentor, a coach… OUR coach! Always ready to share his rugby knowledge, or tell you (and strangers) the story of the Ant & the Elephant. Ready to golf, or be thrown off of golf courses… Ready to play hooker, and probably preparing to play Grandpa.

From player, to coach, and coach the HS teams, every member of our Dragon Clan would like to wish a very happy birthday to Mike McCandless! We hope you enjoy your special day and we all cheers you!


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Match Details for 3/4/17 @ North Bay


We have our first official match this Saturday. We will be facing off against the North Bay Rugby Club. There will be plenty of rugby to play. A full 80-minute A-side match followed by two 30 minute halves for a B side match!

Kickoff is at 1:00pm

This is the pitch address and directions:
979 Beards Hill Road
Aberdeen MD 21001
Off Interstate 95, Exit 85 (Aberdeen, Route 22). Head East on Route 22 towards Aberdeen. Turn left at the first stoplight (Beard’s Hill Road). Enter Beard’s Hill Shopping Plaza through the 2nd entrance on right. Head straight back towards Home Depot. Go right, and follow theroad around the back of Home Depot. Continue to the gravel road on the right. Follow the gravel road to the parking lot for DeMarco Park.


Busmill Tavern (just 6 miles from the pitch)
4017 Philadelphia Rd
Abingdon, MD 21009
Plan on leaving your houses around 9:00 AM that morning at the latest.
Fire Up!
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Who Doesn’t Love Free Wings?

Calling all of our wing lovers! The DRFC Men’s team is having a fundraiser that involves food… go figure. We are selling discount cards for Mesquito Grille in Doylestown. If you buy 10 wings with our discount, you get 10 FREE for ALL of 2017 (eat-in only; limit 1 per visit). The cards are only $20! You can pay in person or through PayPal by clicking on the image of the team you want to support button below. You’d be crazy to pass up this deal!


2017 Mesquito Grille Discount CardBuy 10 Wings, Get 10 FREE Cost: $20


Donate to the Men’s Club


Donate to the Women’s Club


Donate to the HS Boy’s Club


Donate to the HS Girl’s Club


Donate to the U15/Flag Club


Donate to the Ancients


General Donations

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Friends of Doylestown Rugby 501c3 APPROVED!

Pop the bubbly 🍾🍻!!

I would like to thank Pat McDonald, Rich Carroll and Phil Russo (and Dodd, and Julian) for the extensive help and getting DRFC to be a charitable organization!!! This has been spoken about for decades, and has taken years for implementation.
What does this mean for you? You can tell your work, your friends, your family, everyone that if they are looking to write off money for tax purposes, they can now give to their local “Doylestown” program that is developing the Olympic sport of rugby, and supports youth athletics and have it deducted from their taxes.
Being that it is year end, and we people/companies can do the write off still for 2016, it is important to announce this information ASAP. The goal is to raise money across ALL DRFC clubs, to help pay down the field rent. And if we can get down our costs for rent, well then we don’t need as much for dues.. (Get the picture? Get other people to pay for your stuff).
If you have questions about this, especially if you have donors 🙂 please contact Pat McDonald @ If you or someone/some company would like to start donating, click on the PayPal icon below.
Friends Of Doylestown Rugby
501c3 Donation to Friends of Doylestown Rugby

501c3 Donation to Friends of Doylestown Rugby

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Get CIPP’ed


New and current players. You need to register with USA Rugby in order to play rugby anywhere in the United States. USA Rugby is our governing body and we must all individually become a member with them.
Attached are the steps (with pictures for those of you who can’t read, in that case this email will be lost upon you).
  1. Click on this –>
  2. Follow the instructions in this pdf —>Register With USA Rugby 2016
    • It will cost you $70, so get our your credit card.
  3. Now you can officially play for the Doylestown Dragons!
This needs to be done ASAP. So don’t delay.
If you need help, contact Pat McDonald.

PS – Let’s have a great season and don’t forget to PAY YOUR DUES!


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Coach McCandless Message To Men’s Club

Rugby season is fast approaching.  Here is the upcoming itinerary:
This Saturday 7/23 – 7’s at our pitch (come on by to play or spectate!)
We start running Wednesday 6:30 – 7:15 starting 7/27 thru 8/10. (Lets kick off the season on the right foot – plan to be there.  There will be touch 7’s following the short work-out.)
We have a festival 10’s match on Saturday 8/6 at NE Irish – another great day to play or spectate.
1st Practice Thursday 8/11 – 6:45  (Mark you calendar – be there) PS – bring a friend.
We are pushing for pre-season games on 8/20 & 8/27 (TBA) – keep these dates open:
9/5 Labor Day
9/10 – 1st league match
Lets put a little effort into training and lets get back into the play-off hunt.
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